Unboxing ♫ Kyuhyun『Goodbye For Now』2nd Single Album

When will my husband return from war? Answer: in two years. In the meantime, I will be the dramatic wife, blogging about his parting gift. You know, the one he conveniently released the day before he left.Now for the less delusional version of things!

Kyuhyun (Super Junior) released his 2nd single album ‘Goodbye for Now’ right before his mandatory military enlistment last May 25, 2017. SMTOWN dropped the MV for the title track the day before he left, which reduced me to a crumbling heap of misery when I watched it in the office was a bittersweet experience for fans.

Unboxing: ‘Goodbye for Now’

I got my copy from CNA Philippines (the one in Cubao), after lying to myself, saying that I didn’t make the trip just to check if the album was there. The weather is great in the state of denial I’m in.

Album cover
And here’s what the back of it looks like.

Inside: you’re bombarded with even more roses, which are too lovely by the way. The top print is actually one of the sixteen photo cards you get with the album.


My favorite photo, which should surprise no one. This is also the photo on the poster that came with the album.

It’s a lot of photo cards, you guys. What do you even do with these? I feel obliged to build an altar somehow. It even comes with a random photo card.

“Gone fishing, wish you were here.” What an uncle.

‘Goodbye for Now’ comes with four tracks:

  1. 다시 만나는 날 Goodbye for now – 4:33
  2. 이젠, 안녕 The Parting – 4:23
  3. Goodbye For Now (Chinese Version)
  4. 다시 만나는 날 Goodbye for now (instrumental)

The title track is a fitting farewell song. Lyrically, the piano ballad tells the story of a man and how he wants to reunite with a former love. Of course, it doubles as a dedication to his fans who are waiting for his return in 2019. Myself included.

Watch the ‘Goodbye for Now’ MV below:


2 thoughts on “Unboxing ♫ Kyuhyun『Goodbye For Now』2nd Single Album

  1. I CAN’T BELIEVE U RLY DID THIS but jk i know u will :’)))))
    I haven’t heard of this single since the day it was released no nOPE I CAN’T——-

    random musings: i did not imagine you’ll be in too deep w this dork 2yrs after we last saw them skdjhsfkjdghsdjg

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